Mazar Politics and Waqf Board act enables biggest Land grab scam of the world

Recent uprising by Hindu nationalists against the Mazar and dargah in Uttrakhand is a symbol of deep-rooted angst against the organized land grab politics being run by Mullas and Masjids across the country. The land grab happens in a very organized and templatized manner and promoted and controlled by local Masjid. Muslim population which is completely in the iron grip of Mullas and Masjids follow the dictats blindly and see this as their way to prosperity.

The life cycle of a mazar starts with any Mazar like structure being put up at any non-descript location which goes un-noticed by local people and also local authorities. Very soon local masjids from the surrounding areas start sending people to erect shantis and jhuggies around the mazar. this place becomes centre of local illegal activities, local labour supply and various other economic activities. If this place is by the side of any main road, few people also set up a roadside dhaba and then make this mazar a place of worship. Slowly this place becomes a sacred place where people from all faith starts sending chadar and money. Local Masjid and mullas then start promoting them as centre of syncretic culture and bring some reputed personality to promote and advertise. By this time, thousands of hectares of land have already been grabbed for multiple purposes by the Muslim community. Waqf board at this point of time makes this land a waqf land and after this is done, no law of the land can do anything to this occupation. Any act by state authorities against this illegal encroachment is managed by lawyers and courts through the well-funded Muslim bodies and then the entire left liberal eco system joins hands with them.

This cycle has been repeated thousands of times at thousands of places in Uttrakhand so that the population of the holiest sites of Hindus have now one third of Muslim population. The angst of local people is justified and this is worthy or emulation by Hindu population in other states also.

All illegal ‘mazars’ in Uttarakhand will be demolished, says CM | India News,The Indian Express

Uttarakhand: Hindutva goons demolish Mazar; claim it was built on state land (

In the last 3 months, 330 illegal mazars were destroyed in Uttarakhand : CM Dhami – Sanatan Prabhat

28 Temples, 200 Mazars Razed In Forests | Dehradun News – Times of India (

Anti-Encroachment Drive Demolishes 200 Tombs And 27 Temples In Uttarakhand (

Uttarakhand: Over 300 Illegal Mazars Razed in Devbhoomi As Part of Demolition Drive (

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Renaming places is about social healing

Renaming of Places is about societal reconciliation.

Year 1202 CE Place – The Largest University of the world at Nalanda, Bihar, India

Scene – Thousands of students and thousands of teachers and Scientiest are engaged in pursuit of knowledge for the world

Event – Sword and spear wielding savages under the leadership of Bakhtiyar Khilji from north kill thousands of innocent un-armed students and teachers and burn the entire complex. The books in the Library burns for 6 months.

Consequence – entire civilization goes into darkness the place is named Bakhtiyarpur.

Year 2023 – the efforts towards renaming the place, removing the name of the savage killer and embalming the wounded civilization is met with resistance from the defendants of same savage.

विश्वगुरु – मंजिल दूर है पर रास्ता सही है


हमारे देश में ऐसे लोगों की कमी नहीं है जिन्होने पूर्व प्रधानमंत्री श्री राजीव गांधी को ये कहा था कि भूखे पेट कम्प्यूटर कैसे चलाएगा देश।  आज कम्प्यूटर देश ही नहीं चला रहा है परन्तु पूरे देश क्रा पेट भी भर रहा है। मुझे याद है कि जब पृथ्वी मिसाइल का परिक्षण हुआ था तब मेरे कुछ मित्रों ने कहा था कि यह दिवाली के पटाखे जैसा राकेट है और ज्यादा खुश होने की जरूरत नहीं है। पर आज भारत का मिसाइल कार्यक्रम और अंतरिक्ष कार्यक्रम दुनिया के सबसे बेहतरीन कार्यकमों में से एक है। बड़ी मंजिलों की शुरुआत पहले कदम से ही होती है।

पर बड़ी मंजिल के रास्ते भी कठिन होते हैं और खासकार अंतर्राष्ट्रीय माहोल में जब कि कोई किसी का साथी नही होता है। हर राष्ट्र अपनी राष्ट्रीय हित की बात करता हैं । ऐसे में सबसे पहले हमें यह निर्धारण करना चाहिए किं हमें हासिल  क्या करना है।  एक बार ये तय कर लें की हासिल क्या करना है तो फिर उस के लिए रास्ते निकलते ही जाते हैं।  

इस बात की ख़ुशी इस देश के हर नागरिक को होनी  चाहिए कि पहली बार इस देश में वो सरकार आयी है जो सोचती है, तय करती है कि उसको क्या करना है, कदम उठाती है,  उस को पूरा करने का संकल्प लेती है और फिर उस को पूरा कर के जनता के पास जाती है।  ये पहले प्रधान मंत्री हैं जो इस बात दम्भ करते हैं कि वो जिस कार्यक्रम की शिलान्यास करते हैं उस के पूरा होने पर उस उदघाटन भी खुद करते हैं।  ये प्रधान मंत्री हैं सिर्फ शिलान्यास की शिलापट्टी पर ही अपना नाम नहीं लिखवाते हैं पर उदघाटन के कार्यक्रम में भी अपनी फोटो लगवाते हैं।  मोदी जी के सरकार का स्लोगन होना चाहिए  – शिलान्यास से उदघाटन तक।  

तो ऐसे कार्य संस्कृति का प्रचार और प्रसार अगर राज्य स्तर तक हो जाए तो भारत विश्व गुरु क्यों नहीं होगा – 2047 से बहुत पहले हो जायेगा।  

पर विश्व गुरु की परिकल्पना क्या सिर्फ आर्थिक आधारों पर किया जाना चाहिए? अगर हम ऐसा सोचें तो इस वृहत अवधारणा को एक सीमित  दायरे में  बाँध देंगे।  

मेरे ख़याल से स्वर्णिम काल के तीन मूल स्तम्भ हैं और हमें इन मूल घटकों के बारे में सोचना चाहिए कि  इन सभी आयामों में कार्य हो रहा है कि  नहीं 

अगर आज के परिपेक्ष में देख़ा जाए तो ये बहुत ही मुखर रूप से प्रतीत होता हैं कि हमारे वर्तमान समय में इन सारे स्तम्भों पर बहुत तेजी से प्रगति हो रही हैं और बेहतरी आ रही हैं।

Post Karnataka BJP – Please Focus on 85% rather than 15%

Rather than going into any introduction let me straight get into some inferential conclusions

The immensity of loss is not only because Congress became too popular, or BJP because too unpopular. The vote percentage of BJP remains same suggests that BJP’s core votes remain where it was and have not moved. Congress has increased its vote share because JDS has lost equivalent vote share.

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The shift of Votes from JDS has happened due to consolidation of Muslim votes. So Pasmanda strategy has not worked

GRAND Conclusion

FOCUS on consolidating 85% rather than on 15% because 15% is never yours

Karnataka Elections Lessons – Back to Basics, BJP

Few Lessons are clearly evident from the election results. I had mentioned the same in my earlier post also. Post results the assumptions have now become learnings.

  1. Remain true to your core. In order to expand your electoral constituency don’t destroy your core value which is promoting Hindutva and Hindu nationalism. “Sabka Sath” is inherent in Hindu nationalism because Hindu nationalism will bring the Indian society to balance where it should be. BJP does not understand this but this is the fundamental which is taught in every B School strategy class – Never compromise on your core competency. Either BJP has forgotten that Hindutva is its core competency, or it has deliberately decided to weaken this. But public has not liked it
  2. Hindutva is the counter of caste politics – Sanatan Nationalism is in the best to unite the country. Resorting to competitive caste narrative has never helped BJP. It has always benefitted to keep its Sanatan interest at the core and then reach out to the new left out segments of Sanatan
  3. Muslims will never vote for BJP – Even if Mr Modi starts saying in a Mosque and starts playing to their tune, they will never vote for BJP. Mahatma Gandhi spent his entire life for getting Muslim on his side and ended up dividing the country. Congress has been conceding to Muslims for last 70 yeas, but still Muslims keep playing their victim card. Can Modi compete with Congress in appeasement? If not, why even try that strategy?
  4. Support your loyal workers – In a way, Karnataka results are outcome of the curse of Hindu Martyrs. Praveen Nettaru, Kajal Hindustani, Nupur Sharma, Kanhaiya Lal and several other un-named who BJP did not even look at. By not furthering the cause of their martyrdom, BJP broke the morale of ground level workers. 65 seats prove the point, otherwise it would have been a graceful defeat.


National Elections are 12 to 14 months away. Country has entered into an election mood already. BJP has already launched its Election campaign for the upcoming state elections and also for national election next year and opposition is starting to realise that they need to start getting their acts together. The question I want to analyse right now is whether BJP is on the right track to win.

Before delving any more on this, let us look at what is BJP’s current value proposition and claim to vote from the voters. Looking at the current media blast going on from BJP, it is harping on the slogan of “Vishva Guru”, “Amrit Kaal”, “Panch Praan” etc etc. If we dissect the layers of these slogans, following come out clearly

1. Article 370 and integration of Kashmir plus Tripple Talaq bill

2. Ayodhya Temple which will get inaugurated sometimes in the new year 2024.

3. More pronounced and nationalistic foreign policy

4. Economic growth and management of the economy during the Pandemic

Let us now analyse if these are sufficient to win the elections in 2024. Before that let us look at where are the possibilities of an increase in seats for BJP. It has to win 272 seats and currently it has 303. It will still be able to form the government if it looses 30 seats from the current pool and does not win any new. The problem although is that BJP has all maxed out in all the states where it has advantage. In addition, it has also strong incumbency in all the states where it has strong nationalistic support. The states where it needs to increase its seat are the southern states.

Let us assume that even if BJP looses 50 seats from current base, it is able to garner support to form a government. So let us analyse where that 50 seats shortfall may happen. These state sare Bihar, WB, Rajsthan and Maharashtra. All these states have their own challenges. In some like Bihar and WB, the opposition unity may disturb the applecart, while in Rajsthan and Maharashtra the internal sqabbles can break the camel’s back. If this happens, there is no other place where BJP can compensate its shortfall. Currently, Karnataka is undergoing electioneering process and the early estimates suggest that it is not looking good for BJP.

In summary of the above, it is not as rosy for BJP as it appears. Elections are a year away and lot of things can happen to disturb the core constitutency for BJP. In such a situation, any political pundit will advice BJP to stick to its core constituency and not experiment with new ideas to expand the constituency. The time for expanding in the new territory has passed or will start after winning the elections.

When we look at the “Amrit Kaal” campaign, the only item that will impact the voters now is the economy. Ayodyha has lived its utility and any more political mileage from this may become counter productive. Modi’s Foreign policy is definitely one of the best India ever had, but does foreign policy win votes? Extremly rare! and, anyone thinking about foreign policy becoming vote catcher would be termed Optimistic at the best. Article 370 is past and does not bother to the masses outside J&K. That leaves with the economic and growth agenda which is a good agenda, but time and again we have seen that economic agenda alone does not win elections. Let us remember “India Shining” campaign of Vajpayee. It was the best times from economic perspective when all the major road and rail projets were conceptualized. No one even thought that a economic growth lead campaign by Vajpayee will get defeated by Sonja Gandhi lead opposition – it was such a shock. It took India 10 years to regain BJP at the centre again.

So, economic growth alone can be a risky proposition because growth does not touch everyone at the same time and it touches massess in different proportion. Growth also creates its own problem of inequality between different strata, different regions and different groups. So, in order to use growth as an election agenda, there is a need to have another catalyst which can add and accentuate the agenda of growth.

Sanatan nationalism has been a time tested agenda for BJP which has worked over last few decades; but, it appears that BJP has been trying to relinquish that agneda and trying to woo traditionaly anti-BJP votes on to its own camp. Muslim segment is one of them. The BJP minority cell is trying to replicate the appeasement agenda of congress to woo so called pasmanda muslims and trying to break the unified block of Muslim votes. This strategy is not coming without any risk. BJP is risking its core sanatan nationalist votes. The problem is that the core BJP states like UP, Gujrat, Rajsthan, Maharashtra have large population of votes who support sanatan nationalist agenda. The BJP strategy of muuslim appeasement and the activism of BJP minotiry cell ( Muslim Vichar Manch) is already irking big segment of BJP’s core constituents. The other concerning aspect is that large part of BJP’s active workers at ground level are part of this sanatan nationalists and that may have far reaching impact on how BJP’s election machine works.

In conclusion, all is not completely well with BJP for 2024 as it may appear in the campaign media. BJP may be taking a big risk by annoying its core constituency of sanatan nationalists. The questions that are being asked in muted voice are about real value that Sanatanis have derived from BJP’s 8 year rule. Article 370 and Ram Mandir can not be treated as long term fundamental changes in the legal asymmetry that is annoying to the sanatan followers. There is no step towards implementation of CAA even when the law is passed, there is no progerss on repealing/ammending “Places of worship act”, Abrogating All India Muslim Waqf Board Act, efforts towards independence to Temples, investment and efforts towards changes to curriculum etc. In addition episodes like “Nupur Sharma”, killings and beheadings, RSS chief making out of place statements have only alienated the strong supporters of BJP. It is high time therefore that BJP recognises the fact that one year away from elections is not the time to experiment on such sensitive issues. It will be better for them to look after their core constituency and nurture rather than trying to garner support from completely alien group of people.

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Be your own self Mr Gandhi, you will be alright.

It is becoming hard for Indian National Congress (INC) to keep the hope of a congress revival through Rahul Gandhi. Rahul Gandhi has become more of a liability for the Congress than any kind of asset. It is heard in common conversations and in political circles that he is actually the B team for BJP.

Sometimes I pity the poor fellow. he has never been allowed to be his own self. In the first place he wanted to stay away from politics, but he was forced into it. At the age of 36 he was launched by the party as a young Turk in Congress. For last 18 years, he has been struggling with this youth leader image. His hair became grey from black, while his party kept him force fitted in the youth leader image. The recent Bharat Jodo yatra also saw the same force fitting of the image and forced the poor fellow to manage with a white T-shirt in the north-Indian cold. In addition to this, the bearded look at the very fag end of the yatra was also a similar force fitting – to give him an intellectual and mature look.

He is captive of an un-natural image not only in terms of how he looks, but also in terms of what he speaks. No one understands why he tries to be intelligent and knowledgeable on Indian historical and cultural values. Every time when he talks about Indian scriptures and its interpretation, he makes a fool of himself. He stands out in his stupidity when he talks on these topics and appear to be completely disconnected from the context and the meaning. For example, his statement that “India is not a nation and Union of States”, was completely out of context and not necessary.

Why do you want to sound intelligent, Mr Gandhi? Don’t you know that half of Indian

theparliamentarians are no better than you in terms of their knowledge about religion, culture, history and global topics. They are successful and have become a force in Indian Politics. You, Mr Rahul Gandhi, should also be in your natural self and listen to the people more than tell.

So, chill out Rahul baba, you can remain your own self and you will do much better. do not try to copy anyone and do not listen to your stupid advisors.

Look at yourself also, MiLord

The excitement with which Supreme Court has announced the verdict on EC appointment does tell that the Supreme Court is hell bent on bringing accountability to the key government agencies and functions. it is no doubt a very positive step in right direction.

However, the question remains when will the Supreme Court point one finger towards its own self?

The process of judges appointment has been completely opaque and no one knows what criterian are taken while deciding on the judges appointments. Judges appiontment themselves and once appointed, they are absolutely invincible bcause to remove or even to castigate, the process is too cumbersome. Time and again this issue of nepotism in judiciary has been brought out in various forums.

12 out of 32 Judges of Supreme court are related to influential in judiciary or in politics


The corruption at the lower levels of judiciary is rampant.

  1. There is no Judicial accountability. If a judge does deliberate error, there is no question that is asked of him/her
  2. No one can criticise the judgement because it will amount to contempt of court
  3. No punishment for the judges for wrong doing or mic conduct
  4. The Judges appointment themsleves and are above any further judical scruitiny or social scruitiny

क्या आप इतिहास का रूख बदल देंगे माननीय सरसंघ चालक


इस्लाम से दोस्ती का हाथ बढ़ाने से पहले कृपया इस्लाम का इतिहास जानें। माननीय श्री भागवत जी आप इतिहास का रूख बदलने की कोशिश कर रहे हैं क्योंकि आजतक इस्लाम ने कभी किसी काफिर से दोस्ती नही की है। इस्लाम तो अपने ही माया जाल में फंसा हुआ है और एक अंतर्विरोधों के जेल में कैद है।

इस पंच कोणीय विरोधाभास में इस्लाम आज 1400 सालों से फँसा हुआ है। इस से ये आपके निकालने से नहीं निकलेगा । इस्लाम अपने इन्हीं विरोधाभासों के बोझ से धीरे धीरे खत्म हो रहा है। आज तक के इतिहास पर जाएं तो देखेंगे कि जब – जब इसलाम से मेल जोल करने की कोशिश की गई है, तब तब उन कोशिशों ने इस्लाम को और बल दिया है और नई जिन्दगी दी है। आटोमन साम्राज्य के पतन के बाद 1920 के आस पास इस्लाम खत्म होने ही वाला था कि गाँधी जी ने हिन्दू मुस्लिम एकता की आवाज देकर मुसलमानों की इस्लामियत को तरजीह दे दी। वही तरजीह बीस सालों में फन उठाकर देश का विभाजन कर डाला ।

आज भारत का मुसलमान अपनी इस्लामियत के अस्तित्व को खत्म होता देख रहा है। एक साधारण और समझदार मुसलमान भी इस बात को समझता है और इस विरोधाभास कर जाल से निकलने की कोशिश कर रहा है ! यह Same DNA है जिसकी वजह से वह इन विरोधाभासों को समझता है पर इस्लामी समाज में मुल्ला और मौलवीयो के तानाशाही कब्जे की वजह से चुप है। उसी समय आप वहाँ पहुंच कर Same DNA की कहानी अपने हिसाब से कर देते हैं और अन मुल्ला और मौलवियों की उपयोगिता बढा देते हैं। एक बार इतिहास देखिए । हिन्दू मुस्लिम एकता जैसी कुछ भी चीज अस्तित्व में ही नहीं है। Same DNA के लोग आपस में सौहर्द से जरूर रहते हैं पर हिन्दू और इस्लाम नहीं । गज्वा ए हिन्द से ना मुल्ला तौबा करें और ना ही अब हिन्दू उसको और सुनेगा या सहेगा।

आपने अगर अभी गिरते और ढलते इस्लामियत को हवा दी तो उसका परिणाम 10 सालों में देखकर आप अफसोस के अलगवा और कुछ नहीं कर पाएंगे।