Economic Boycott will break Muslim community – Is Hindu ready to welcome them

Economic Jihad Vs Arthik Bahishkar ( Economic Boycott)


Over last few months, the increasing tension between Hindus and Muslims over multiple issues seem to have lead to an economic war between the two communities with both the slides calling for an economic boycott of the other sides. There have been several call outs for such boycott by Ajmer Dargah and other Islamic Mullah community. On the other hand, there are several reports suggesting that Hindus have stopped going to the Dargah which constituted about 80% drop in the sales.

Difficult to even guess what could be key drivers for Muslim groups to get in to a competitive scenario against Hindus in terms of economic strength. Hindus are more in numbers and have multiple times more economic prowess. The only reason I can think of is their desire to create strong Muslim polarization against the current dispensation. This has been their standard strategy which has, of late, been failing them. This strategy worked very well till 2010 where they were able to use any pretext like Ayodhya, Godhra, Haj Subsidy etc to create that polarization in support of their political agenda. Times have changed, and every time there is Muslim polarization, the reverse polarization is even stronger.

There are few factors which I think is leading to such reactions

Muslim community is static and ossified in time while Hindu Society is constantly evolving and modernizing

Unsuspecting Ummah, Commanding Mullah, network of Masjid, Asraf and elite Marxist and power licking Media have been the five pillars of Muslim world ever since India got independence. Nehru was the harbinger of this five pillared eco-system and this eco system has been so much oiled and lubricated that any amount of friction and stress to it did not do this any harm. The challenge is that this also lead to the large section of Pasmanda Muslim (who are 80% of the Muslim population) remain in medieval ages with no avenues for social and economic emancipation.

Hindu society, however got on to modernizing itself with continuously increasing levels of education and breaking different social stigmas like caste system, illiteracy, child marriage, dowry etc. Hindu society has been characterized by modernity, literacy, education and scholarship, entrepreneurship and independence. In the process they have also learnt to assert themselves as a group. This process also has lead to Hindus realizing the severity of historical wrongs that have been done at the cost of Muslim Minority.

The above scenario is only going to increase the conflict because the Muslim group is such an organized eco-system that they are not going to let their power so easily. Hindus are not going to let this go any more because this is just the start of resurgence. The current resurgence is an outcome of only small segment of Hindu population that is standing up. Hindu society resurgence is impacted by a big section of Hindu population still living in socialist euphoria. As the time passes, more and more Hindus will come out of that euphoria and more and more Hindus of new generation will realize the historical wrongs and they will be more and more assertive.

Economic Boycott is going to destroy Muslim community

This is the start of end of Muslim Ummah. Pasmanda Muslims will be the hardest hit in this economic boycott because they are the ones at the lowest end of the economic pyramid. Asraf Muslims are the ones creating the agenda, while the Pasmanda Muslims are the ones who will be the hardest hit. Times have changed and Pasmanda Muslims are increasingly loosing the love for ummah and Islam. It is going to increase the distrust with the Mullah and dependence on Masjid. The Elite Media is anyway loosing their grip with the social media proliferation.

Is Hindu society ready to welcome Pasmanda Muslims

Big question is to Hindu society – is it ready to welcome those whose fore-fathers had to accept Islam for whatever reasons they may have. Is this society ready to create a respectable space for them in the society? I leave this question un-answered


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