Narrative warfare against Sanatan is similar to horse riding, temple rager invaders

The organized information warfare

The war on Sanatan which started thousand years ago is going on. This is the only un-finished agenda for entire Abrahamic faith.

It started with horse riding barbarians travelling through the deserts and the cold mountains entering this land to loot, plunder, ravage temples, kill people and rape and enslave women. It also continued with medieval Europeans travelling in boats and crossing the rough seas in their pre-historic boats.

The world has benefitted over thousand years from the riches of Indian civilization. The entire pomp and show of Khalifa of Bhaghdad was funded by Indian money. Entire industrial revolution in Europe was funded by revenue from Indian artisans, traders, farmers and technicians. Still the same Abhrahamic world has been out to destroy the Sanatan traditions and philosophy.

In order to completely destroy this civilization, the modern warfare is the warfare of narrative. over last 75 years they have been able to break the foundation of the sanatan world. They have infiltrated the very foundation of this civilization – The knowledge base. They have corrupted the knowledge assets, mis-guided the learned men and created a large section of its people who are anti-sanatan. They have been able to infiltrate deep within and create a large section of anti-sanatani group within the sanatani community. All of this has been successful through the war of narrative, falsification of ancient history and ancient knowledge. Hindus have stopped reading their traditional texts and knowledge at the behest of the same modernist who spend frequent and regular visit to their churches and madarsas and masjids. They profess secularism to the world, however they themselves gyrate their lives around Bible or Qoran.

99% of Hindus do not even read one of their religious books and say they are secular. 100% of Muslim reads Qoran and offers Namaz and says they are not secular every day five times a day.

This war of narratives is the new war and Sanatanis need to come together to fight it otherwise time is ticking before they will be wiped out completely.

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