Is this end of United States


New York April 2020 : More than two hundred thousand sick, thousands dying every day, sports fields and parks have been converted into make-shift hospital beds, more than half of city’s doctors and nurses are sick and other half exhausted, un-trained volunteers are asked to look after sick, trucks are used to carry dead bodies in body bags and buried in mass graves in the outskirts of the city. Rest of the country is no better. More than a million sick and more than hundred thousand dead with sick people lying on the streets looking for medicine. America, the greatest and mightiest country in the world begging for medicines from all over the world. All of us know that this is not from an apocalyptic movie but a reality unfolding.

The big question – is this still the best place to be in the world? Has the mightiest country in the world which is kneeling on its knees and pleading for help from all across the world accepted defeat? This is the place which boasted of best brains in the world. This country was safe and secure from any possible threat from any possible direction in the universe. What happened – Just a Virus? History will remember that the might extracted from nucleus could not save the greatest nation from a tiny virus coming from far off China.

Will United States be ever able to stand on its feet again or are we going to see an uni-polar world dictated by China? This crises has been created and curated to impact all of United State’s allies in Europe and all of them are on the brink of survival. Are we in the midst of third world war which is already won by China without firing a single missile?

Every crises creates opportunities. This one also provides an opportunity for all freedom loving democratic peoples of the world to come together and oppose totalitarianism even if it means some more cost for stuff that they buy. It is an opportunity to realize that nations character is more important than nation’s money and nations of similar character should come together. The task is cut-out for the new President of the Unites States in year 2021. The person is going to inherit a devastated country, a decimated group of allies and infinite queues of un-employed people. The person has to figure out whether the country needs to be built on immediate commercial gains or on the basis of values which have shaped history. For the new president of United States, global re-alignment based on similarity of national ethos should be of one of the top agenda. How soon this can happen will define how quickly the new global world order takes shape.

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