Hemant Govt fall imminent, 10 Congress MLA including a minister and 5 JMM MLAs in touch with Amit Shah team


Thirst of power… Ramgarh Congress MLA disqualification on cards, Chances of Hemant joining hands with BJP cannot be ruled out.

Shashak Shekhar
Delhi/Ranchi/Bokaro : There is an old adage repeated again and again , when a ship starts sinking, rats rush first to leave for safe places and this is what’s happening in Jharkhand.
Fall of UPA government led by JMM Hemant Soren, Congress, one MLA RJD is almost imminent as Amit Shah in lighter mood in 2021 presence of several during Ashwin Navratra Durga Puja had told BJP president J.P. Nadda by 2022 Chaitra Navratra “if we win UP election which is sure to achieve Jharkhand shall be in our kitty” seems imminent.
‘With Bandhu Tirkey MLAship gone, it’s almost sure present Ramgarh Congress MLA will also be held guilty from court in similar criminal case in very few coming days as judgment is awaited and only 79 MLA shall remain in Jharkhand Assembly” quoted two senior IAS officer very close to present Government whose very close connections with land mafiosi and liquor Mafia (presently in jail) cannot be denied as it’s on records now.
In the meantime 11 MLAs of Congress including a minister and JMM 5 MLAs have met Amit Shah extremely close lieutenants at different locations of Delhi, Ranchi, Bokaro, Dhanbad and Patna.
“Its internal matter of JMM as how do they keep their flock together but its true JMM family is breaking and it’s well know division in family leads to downfall” indicated BJP party senior leader and former CM Babulal Marandi while talking to the reporter.
In the meantime AICC Jharkhand incharge Avinash Pandey directed all Jharkhand Congress MLA not to meet Jharkhand CM unless Congress high command gives signal.

Talking to the reporter BJP senior leader and former CM of Jharkhand who did not want to be quoted at this juncture confided to the reporter ‘counted days are there for Hemant now’.
Talking to the reporter from Delhi a highly placed BJP leader who did not want to be named said it’s not sure there shall be BJP CM but its sure BJP will rule directly or indirectly Jharkhand definitely.
“Even President Rule is BJP rule in the state of Jharkhand. Hemant can also switch hands with BJP he can become Bhajanlal of Haryana for us.” quoted the leader adding its BJP time in Jharkhand.

– Varnan Live Report.

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