Mullah will trade medievalism for Islam


What has Islam been expanding for over last 14 centuries? Only to expand Arab Medievalism around the world.

If we look at beginning of 20th century, entire Islamic world was in poverty. Indian Muslims were in wretched conditions and no better than Hindus by mid of 20th century and that also after being in the ruling position for around 300 between 15th century to 18th century.

They destroyed libraries, burnt books, ravaged temples which were sheet of knowledge and killed learned men and captured scientists and philosophers of their time in order to propagate Islam.

In last 1400 Islamic world has not produced even one original idea, one single invention or invented any new technology. They have survived through looting the existing ones from where ever they expanded and destroying the existing one with others.

It is still doing the same and if they have their freewill, they will trade Arabian medieval living to expand Islam

For last 1400 years the entire Muslim world is stuck in this Islamic Paradox Pentagon

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