Sanatan ka saath par Auron ka Vikas


Eight years of full majority should be enough to drive transformative and far-reaching changes in the asymmetric situation which majority in the country face vis-a-vis minority. Sanatani in our country feel that they have been given only lip services in last eight years while their government have continued the minority (Muslims to be precise) appeasement unabashedly. In fact, some of the Sanatan supporters actually think that the government has not only continued Muslim appeasement but, it has actually done more for Muslim fulfillment even compared to another regime in the past.

Each individual has a set of people in his/her known list who constitute a representative sample of the local population in terms of their political preference. It is easy to gauge the mood of population if one talks to people in their list. When the old ladies in my list start talking about a particular subject, I know that the subject is in popular consideration.

I started getting worried about BJP prospects when my mom told me one day, ” Modiji ko bhi ye musalmaan log apne jal me phansa hi liya“. The statement still reverberates with lot of respect for Modiji, but the statement also reeks of overload of regret. I worry that this sentiment of regret should not become a sentiment of reject.

This sentiment has building up for quite some time as a fall out of multiple incidents. A big part of BJP loss in Karnataka is attributed to this built-up sentiment. Common people, friends, colleagues have told me clearly that they did vote for BJP, but just because they did not have any other Sanatan alternative. They can not vote for any liberal because they are the known enemies of sanatan. They at least have faith in RSS/BJP.

This is not a very happy situation to be in. The biggest impact it is having is on the morale of local party workers from BJP and RSS eco system. It is becoming hard for them to justify BJP as flag bearer of Sanatan dharm during the events when Nupur Sharma and T Raja is banned, when Mohan Bhagwat hob nibs with Maulana and when BJP brandishes minority schemes and subsidies. The same thing which Sanatanis have been so unhappy about. It is like showing ugly faces ti same sanatanis who have voted them to power

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