Economic growth is not enough to win Elections in India

Vishwaguru Shining will this work

Indian Shining campaign of 2003 – 2004 did not win Vajpayee’s BJP 2004 election. Almost all top leaders of BJP of that time realized that it was not appropriate election campaign of the time.

BBC NEWS | South Asia | BJP admits ‘India Shining’ error

India shining has Mr Joshi worried (

India Together: Govt shining, Media mining – 01 February 2004

The larger question is – will Vishwaguru campain win Modi 2024 election? The same question is facing the party 10 years after the loss in 2004. Will Vishwaguru campain shine or shut?

Development is essential and necessary but not sufficient.

  1. Development does not touch every section of the society equally.
  2. Development does not impact every section of the society at the same time. There is significant lead time for development to reach different section of society. This lead time itself creates dis-satisfaction.
  3. Development does not impact every section of the society equally. This difference also creates dis-satisfaction among those who are not immediately and directly impacted.
  4. Development leads to its own in-equality and this in-equality leads to un-happy voters.
  5. If there is no development, everyone is unhappy, but if there is development, few are happy.

Culture and Civilizational issues bind very large set of people together.

  1. Sanatan nationalism is the common binding force for India.
  2. 85% of Current Sanatani and 14% of Converted Sanatani are emotionally linked to the Sanatan nationalism
  3. it is only 1% of population of this country who are original foreigner settled here.
  4. The divisive forces of this country have so far been successful in keeping the 14% together and also keeping them away from Sanatan tradition.
  5. Step towards unification starts from re-enforcing Sanatan nationalism with 85% of Sanatani and the balance 13% will follow. We can ignore the balance 1%.


  1. Very true 👍 Development is just one of the many indices of governance. Sanatanis of Bharat are more concerned that throughout the 9 years BJP has not initiated any dialogue or reforms on their increasing marginalization vis a vis the second largest majority I.e Muslims. Their internal security policy is virtually non existent & illegal rohingyas/Bdeshis are moving throughout Bharat with impunity. CAA/NRC remains a pipe dream & increasing numbers of Muslims in IAS/IPS aided & abetted by BJP/RSS is a serious cause of concern.

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