Modi has long term vision for revival of Sanatan Dharma


In the war against Jarasandh, Krishna knew that Mathura was small kingdom and Jarasandh was mighty and the war between Mathura and Magadh was only destroying people’s peace. He decided to do a strategic retreat and shifted his capital to Dwarka. He is also called ranchod because of this.

Lot of people including me got dis-appointed at the way Modi government reacted on the Nupur Sharma episode allegedly related to insult of Prophet Muhammad. For first few days, there was a lot of confusion as to why this was done and was there any rationale? The first reaction was very simple – the government is repeating the existing template from secular repertoire. Lot of people thought that Modi is trying to create a soft image for himself in the same way that Advani allegedly tried to do when he went to pay tribute to Mosoleum of Zinnah. I even heard people saying that Modi is looking to get Noble Peace Prize. Some said that Modi’s bureaucrats are still in the secular brigade and they are ditching him. The widespread dis-appointment among the strong supporters of BJP was seen and widely done debate criticized the government publicly on multiple forums. It appeared that there was some kind of fissure in the government’s constituency. In all likelihood, the truth lies somewhere in the middle. 

The critiques were also not completely wrong. This event came at a wrong time when RSS chief Dr Mohan Bhagwat said in a public address that, “looking for shivalinga in every Mosque is not right”. Anyone will get a feeling that the RSS and BJP together are now trying to use the same age-old formula of Muslim appeasement to remain in power, that they are power hungry now and that they are one of the others. In an electoral politics, it is so easy to get digressed from the long term goals from the short term gains. 

But the LEADER of the country remained quiet and unnerved and continued to do what he was supposed to do. If we analyze some of the steps he has taken over last few months, it will be very evident that the agenda to safeguard the country and work for Hindutva revival is firmly intact – at least in his mind. What he has been working on few of long term visible issues, he has also been working actively on many long terms less visible issues which will have very long term consequences. While immediately visible issues are without doubt important, the less visible issues are equally or even more important to keep the Hindutva agenda focused. Let us not forget that anti-Hindu forces have been in power in the country for more than 7 decades.

  1. Stopped foreign funding of NGO’s and Charity institutions which has been engine of this conversion factory.
  2. Smriti Irani becomes the minister of Minority Affairs which is a big message to the Muslims that they are not to be treated as minority any more.
  3. Started to put restraints on all Madarsas which are the factories of Jihadi mindset.
  4. Supreme court has noted in an affidavit filed by government that the minority status can be decided at the state level rather than at the national level. This is very important because this means Muslims are not going to be in minority in Kashmir, Pondichery. Hindus are going to be in minority in Kashmir and Pondicherry, Mizoram and they will get the benefits of minority in terms of starting their religious institutions etc. 
  5. The government has been active in reviving the South East Asian cultural unity and in this direction the government has been active with countries like Combodia and Vietnam in restoring the old glory of temples like Angkor Wat etc.
  6. The government recently started an initiative on Tamil – Kashi Sangam. it is known that the knowledge of Sanatan was mostly lost duiring the invasion and most of the knowledge that is left remained preserved in the South. This Tamil-Kashi Sangam is going to revive the sanatan knowlege.

In 2016, 4 lakh 22 thousand 627 students registered in the secondary and senior secondary classes in UP. This year this number has come down to 92 thousand. That is, there has been a decrease of 3.30 lakhs in these six years.

Only TET-qualified Teachers Will Be Appointed In Madrasas

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