Karnataka Elections – Early Warning for BJP


Pre-poll survey results of Karnataka results should be a wake-up call for BJP. In my last post “BJP has not learnt lessons from History??”, I had mentioned that the party is deviating away from the core constitutency and it may cost it dearly. Karnataka is the first casualty as a result of that deviation.

One of the things that BJP should be worried about is the number of old timers left it and joined opposition parties. BJP is portraying it as a principled decision to bring young blood in the party and also to stop the dynastic policies. Principled stand is good and these old time members could have found a way to transfer their populatrity to a new candidate of their choice, but why did they leave the party altogether? It is very hard of some who has been in a particular ideology for 15+ Years to just leave it and join the opposing thought process. It either shows the weakness of the ideology or party’s deviation from the ideology.

The ideology is strong without any doubt and it is the same ideology that has brought BJP from single seat to 303 seats. So, it is the deviation from its core ideology that has made most of the people perplexed. BJP has been seen to budge from its core ideology of Hindutva and started to modify and moderate its Hindutva based ideology to a “sabka sath” based ideology. It has also started the appeasement policies for Muslims where it has extended subsidies for Muslims, grants for Madarsas and rallies for Haz subsidies. All those who left BJP found no difference between Congress and BJP as far as ideology is concerned – and their transition was easier.

BJP should realise that it has 303 seats without Muslim votes and with a Hindutva based ideology. Its core constitutncy is still intact and it shoudl not try to divert this. The Muslim Vichar Manch and it’s endeavours should be stopped. It will be very heartening to its core consituency if it takes steps toward making a law where Muslims are not defined as Minority any more. they are 15+% in population and there is no reason why they should be termed as a minotiry. In any case when the constitution is declared secular then there is no need for any definition of Minotiry. Either we should declare India as a Hindu Nation and then provide special treatment to religious minotiries. Secular Nation and Minotiry ministry do not go together.

I am sure, strategists and poll pundits are sitting right now to straegise and ideate. I only hope that the lessons learnt are internalized and implemented in time.

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