Karnataka Elections Lessons – Back to Basics, BJP


Few Lessons are clearly evident from the election results. I had mentioned the same in my earlier post also. Post results the assumptions have now become learnings.

  1. Remain true to your core. In order to expand your electoral constituency don’t destroy your core value which is promoting Hindutva and Hindu nationalism. “Sabka Sath” is inherent in Hindu nationalism because Hindu nationalism will bring the Indian society to balance where it should be. BJP does not understand this but this is the fundamental which is taught in every B School strategy class – Never compromise on your core competency. Either BJP has forgotten that Hindutva is its core competency, or it has deliberately decided to weaken this. But public has not liked it
  2. Hindutva is the counter of caste politics – Sanatan Nationalism is in the best to unite the country. Resorting to competitive caste narrative has never helped BJP. It has always benefitted to keep its Sanatan interest at the core and then reach out to the new left out segments of Sanatan
  3. Muslims will never vote for BJP – Even if Mr Modi starts saying in a Mosque and starts playing to their tune, they will never vote for BJP. Mahatma Gandhi spent his entire life for getting Muslim on his side and ended up dividing the country. Congress has been conceding to Muslims for last 70 yeas, but still Muslims keep playing their victim card. Can Modi compete with Congress in appeasement? If not, why even try that strategy?
  4. Support your loyal workers – In a way, Karnataka results are outcome of the curse of Hindu Martyrs. Praveen Nettaru, Kajal Hindustani, Nupur Sharma, Kanhaiya Lal and several other un-named who BJP did not even look at. By not furthering the cause of their martyrdom, BJP broke the morale of ground level workers. 65 seats prove the point, otherwise it would have been a graceful defeat.

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