Be your own self Mr Gandhi, you will be alright.


It is becoming hard for Indian National Congress (INC) to keep the hope of a congress revival through Rahul Gandhi. Rahul Gandhi has become more of a liability for the Congress than any kind of asset. It is heard in common conversations and in political circles that he is actually the B team for BJP.

Sometimes I pity the poor fellow. he has never been allowed to be his own self. In the first place he wanted to stay away from politics, but he was forced into it. At the age of 36 he was launched by the party as a young Turk in Congress. For last 18 years, he has been struggling with this youth leader image. His hair became grey from black, while his party kept him force fitted in the youth leader image. The recent Bharat Jodo yatra also saw the same force fitting of the image and forced the poor fellow to manage with a white T-shirt in the north-Indian cold. In addition to this, the bearded look at the very fag end of the yatra was also a similar force fitting – to give him an intellectual and mature look.

He is captive of an un-natural image not only in terms of how he looks, but also in terms of what he speaks. No one understands why he tries to be intelligent and knowledgeable on Indian historical and cultural values. Every time when he talks about Indian scriptures and its interpretation, he makes a fool of himself. He stands out in his stupidity when he talks on these topics and appear to be completely disconnected from the context and the meaning. For example, his statement that “India is not a nation and Union of States”, was completely out of context and not necessary.

Why do you want to sound intelligent, Mr Gandhi? Don’t you know that half of Indian

theparliamentarians are no better than you in terms of their knowledge about religion, culture, history and global topics. They are successful and have become a force in Indian Politics. You, Mr Rahul Gandhi, should also be in your natural self and listen to the people more than tell.

So, chill out Rahul baba, you can remain your own self and you will do much better. do not try to copy anyone and do not listen to your stupid advisors.

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