Mazar Politics and Waqf Board act enables biggest Land grab scam of the world


Recent uprising by Hindu nationalists against the Mazar and dargah in Uttrakhand is a symbol of deep-rooted angst against the organized land grab politics being run by Mullas and Masjids across the country. The land grab happens in a very organized and templatized manner and promoted and controlled by local Masjid. Muslim population which is completely in the iron grip of Mullas and Masjids follow the dictats blindly and see this as their way to prosperity.

The life cycle of a mazar starts with any Mazar like structure being put up at any non-descript location which goes un-noticed by local people and also local authorities. Very soon local masjids from the surrounding areas start sending people to erect shantis and jhuggies around the mazar. this place becomes centre of local illegal activities, local labour supply and various other economic activities. If this place is by the side of any main road, few people also set up a roadside dhaba and then make this mazar a place of worship. Slowly this place becomes a sacred place where people from all faith starts sending chadar and money. Local Masjid and mullas then start promoting them as centre of syncretic culture and bring some reputed personality to promote and advertise. By this time, thousands of hectares of land have already been grabbed for multiple purposes by the Muslim community. Waqf board at this point of time makes this land a waqf land and after this is done, no law of the land can do anything to this occupation. Any act by state authorities against this illegal encroachment is managed by lawyers and courts through the well-funded Muslim bodies and then the entire left liberal eco system joins hands with them.

This cycle has been repeated thousands of times at thousands of places in Uttrakhand so that the population of the holiest sites of Hindus have now one third of Muslim population. The angst of local people is justified and this is worthy or emulation by Hindu population in other states also.

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