What if Iran has internal social unrest


The Israel-Hamas conflict is a complex and long-standing one, with a history dating back to the establishment of Israel in 1948. The weekend escalation by Hamas has been one of the bloodiest in the history and will definitely see huge reaction from Israel. but the question is how do I see this conflict shaping up and what direction it may end up taking?

Iran Society on boil

Iran’s domestic social unrest is likely to have a significant impact on how it reacts to the Israel-Hamas war. The unrest, which has been ongoing for several months, is the result of a number of factors, including economic hardship, political repression, and social inequality. The unrest has posed a serious challenge to the Iranian government, and it is likely to constrain its ability to support Hamas and to engage in military action against Israel.

Ian’s society rebelling against the current regime is a real possibility

If Iran has regime change

Iranian government must know the fact that the Iranian people are largely opposed to war. A recent poll found that 70% of Iranians believe that their country should not get involved in the Israel-Hamas war. If the government were to go against the will of the people and engage in a war with Israel, it could lead to further unrest and instability in Iran

War results in stronger Israel

If US and Israel are able to bring about social unrest in Iran and result in a regime change, the war will end in larger peace

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